Cranney, Stephen. 2016. “The LGB Mormon Paradox: Mental, Physical and Self-Rated Health among Mormon and Non-Mormon LGB Individuals in the Utah Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System.” Journal of Homosexuality. ​ ​         

Analysis do file  ​                                                                                                                                        

Dataset used: Utah Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

Cranney, Stephen. 2016. “Is There a Stronger Association Between Children and Happiness among the Religious? Religion as a Moderator in the Relationship Between Happiness and Fertility.” Journal of Happiness Studies.        

Variable Preparation do file                

Analysis do file   

Dataset used: General Social Survey

Cranney, Stephen and Aleksandar Štulhofer. 2016. "“Whosoever Looketh on a Person to Lust After Them”: Religiosity, the Use of Mainstream and Nonmainstream Sexually Explicit Material, and Sexual Satisfaction in Heterosexual Men and Women." Journal of Sex Research.

Analysis do file 

Dataset used: Croatian Pornography Survey (2014).  

Aleksandar Stulhofer, Primary Investigator.

Cranney, Stephen. 2016.“The Temporal Stability of Lack of Sexual Attraction Across Young Adulthood.” Archives of Sexual Behavior ​45(3): 743-749.
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Dataset used: Add Health


Cranney, Stephen. 2015.“The Association Between Pronatalist Attitudes and Belief in God in Slovenia and the Czech Republic .” Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health 47(2):83-89.
Variable preparation do file
Analysis do file
Dataset used: Fertility and Family Survey

Cranney, Stephen. 2015.“Internet Pornography Use and Sexual Body Image in a Dutch Sample.” International Journal of Sexual Health 27 (3): 316-323. 
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Dataset used:  LISS Panel Survey, Media and Sexuality Study


Cranney, Stephen. 2015. "The Relationship Between Sexual Victimization and Year in School in US Colleges: Investigating the Parameters of the 'Red Zone'" Journal of Interpersonal Violence 30(17):3133-3145. ​                    

Analysis do file                                                                                  

Dataset used: Online College Social Life Survey.

Paula England, Principal Investigator.                                              

Cranney, Stephen. 2013.“Do People Who Believe in God Report More Meaning in Their Lives? The Existential Effects of Belief.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 52 (3): 638-646.
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Dataset used: GSS 1972-2012 Cross-Sectional Cumulative Data (Release 1, March 2013).

I am a firm believer in the transparency and replicability of published research results. I believe that academics have an obligation to facilitate this process as much as they can; here I post all the do files for my published results that use publicly available data.